Developer of the operating system Walbrix.

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    Walbrix works as a tool to help you, make more friendly with you, your computer and network.
    It was established on January 04, 2008 (Present name in October 2012)

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    Headed at Japan, Tokyo, we construct, maintain computer software and develope new systems.

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    Our services include :
    >> Server Consolidation
    >> Web Gateway Service
    >> Web systems development
    >> Mobile App Development

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    50/21, Bharathi colony First cross west,
    Phone: +91-4222560145

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To work with Walbrix Operating System

Download It Here

English Trial Version of Walbrix O/S will be released shortly.

And server consolidation?

The server consolidation, is that by making use of virtualization technology and improvement of computer performance, resulting together in one table the plurality of servers. Who wants units that keep running at all times in the old server and small capacity processing on which power is low. I've summarized in a single high-speed, high-capacity server which is the latest that saves operating costs.

Here is a rough performance comparison for the general public, PC in 2013 and 2008 in the following (※). From this, 3-4 units can be read which will be brought together if equipment of five years ago was used. Because it is summarized, if any of the equipment before 5 years, and as a result it capable of handling servers together 10 or more which is not uncommon.

※ trend and the general public is different from a PC a little, but does not change the fact that performance is up every year dedicated server machine.

2008 2013
CPU power (Dhrystone ALU) 30 000 MIPS or less 100 000 MIPS or more
Maximum amount of memory 8GB 32GB

Natural improvement of the performance even more than, for that to Amara without the need for a resource CPU, memory, and HD capacity so often depending on the application on the server, for such servers in terms of an investigation of an existing system It is also possible to put together a number of even more by reducing the resource allocation.

The street until now to be combined

From the users of the network, so you see more than one server (virtual server) server, which is also summarized unchanged until now, never bothering the user's hand for migration.
In other words, the server looks up to now as running as until now all from the user.

Backup together

Backup of important server or will have to get on a regular basis? It was confirmed at the end when??

Neglecting factor is that you tend to or confirm the back up with the number of target is large, but the data loss because it can be backed up at once all virtual servers in a single server and once the consolidation once makes it easier to protect the data from your threat.

Why if you ask us

The Company, to develop and maintain the operating system using virtualization technology of open source in-house, we have integrated the hoe-to-know. I have extensive experience for the (physical → virtual) migration P2V necessary to server consolidation of the Linux-based OS in particular.

We have also come to be able to easily anyone, such as shutting down the entire system and stop, resuming a virtual server, from the screen that is easy to understand Japanese, Walbrix is ​​a maintenance monitoring service in the Remote Login by a VPN from the Company through monthly maintenance contract has to be able to to offer.

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Well, our server, too many number ...?
























Static IP address is not needed

You have to make available the go from (Internet side) a Web application you are using within the LAN, is a transit service of our own.

Requires no DDNS router settings as well

You do not have to so using a VPN connection, or to a set of routers and dynamic DNS you can get a fixed IP address. In addition, it is also possible to relay multiple servers.

It's escape temporarily from the threat is simple

In recent years, a server on the Internet are exposed to security threats at all times. If you are using this service, server body because it is installed in your LAN Unlike server hosting and rental server, you can block instant access from the Internet by simply hanging a VPN connection to the relay server. It is possible to develop strategies for slowly and carefully shut off from the outside world the server even if the security threat is imminent by any chance This.

Setting quickly from Walbrix

Operating system developed by our company Walbrix the features that can be easily set up to use the Web Gateway services are provided. User name and the VPN server to connect to (FQDN to be published is the user name), connection to the relay server is performed automatically by simply start the virtual server with a password, so that you can access from the Internet will.

>>About Walbrix

OS of Walbrix even outside, you can be connected to the relay server by creating a configuration file manually if OpenVPN platform is available.

Such as cost

At the current situation, and we have been provided as part of the monthly server maintenance service only to our customers some of this service. With regard to providing services to the general public, and it is with undecided in both start time and expense for expected demand coherent There seems to be no end.

You have posted a fee structure that is being considered for the case of the reference, and do temporarily to provide services to the general public.

Web Server Fee
Up to five server 9,800 yen per year
package version however Walbrix I offer 2,800 yen as an option towards the purchase
Up to 20 units server 32,000 yen per year

Dedicated relay server construction services

For those who decide or are required to SSL, are expected to access a large amount of, will build a relay server dedicated. Please consult the cost.

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Scala PHP

Development of API using the Scala language and Spring Framework

To clarify the requirements of the system by designing an API to destination

Development of a view in PHP language

Connection and view the API HTTP + JSON

※ VPS or dedicated server (Virtual Dedicated Server) is required for the operation of the system. I do not hear as a rule development for shared server.

Scala Flex

Such as business applications, we will develop using (Flex) Adobe Flash Builder If you are able to assume a Web browser running in Adobe Flash. It is ideal to replace an application developed in Access and Visual Basic in the past.

I am using BlazeDS and Spring Framework, the Scala language on the server side.

If you need to business applications, to introduce a server (for in-house installation and not the so-called cloud) on-premise new, you can also be allowed to suggestions from our company, including Server and OS body, and maintenance.

Development environment of enhancement is no other

It is often overlooked, but there is not just for developers, development server in Web development is an important place where customers and developers to work together.

We are not shared with other servers and development projects, are allocated (virtual machines) dedicated server domain name and always, to fix the level and style or wording always gotten confirmation, if you require a course in You can do development work (※) while you conduct yourself. ※ access via WebDAV and

OS server by the server using the know-how developed in-house development, was built specifically to resemble the production environment as much as possible, you can avoid many of the problems caused by the difference between development and production environments.

Also, dedicated to the progress management Redmine We are happy to provide one set of servers and immediately developed.

Redmine development server and can be maintained at a monthly cost after completion of delivery of the system.

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Sorry, we did not receive current contract development of mobile applications. (Except for server-side development)





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